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NitroPlate Coatings are the makers of high-temperature ceramic and specialty coatings for exhaust headers, intake manifolds, carburetor components, exhaust tail tips and a variety of other products used in the performance and racing markets.



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  • NitroPlate Cast Iron
    Tired of your cast-iron exhaust manifolds rusting? Check out NitroPlate Cast Iron coating. Perfect for exhaust manifolds. It has a…
  • NitroPlate Matte Black
    NitroPlate’s Matte Black finish is a high-temperature ceramic material, used on stainless-steel applications, that is designed for customers who prefer…
  • NitroPlate Satin Black
    NitroPlate's Satin Black finish is a high-temperature ceramic material that is designed for customers who prefer a more stealth look.…
  • NitroPlate Satin
    NitroPlate Satin has a dull appearance that is ideal for intake manifolds to keep the original look. NitroPlate Satin is…
  • NitroPlate Midnight Blue
    NitroPlate’s Midnight Blue finish is a low temperature ceramic material that is designed for customers who want a stealth look…
  • NitroPlate Bright
    NitroPlate’s Bright finish is a highly polished metallic/ceramic material. By far our most popular finish, NitroPlate Bright sets the standard…
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Success Stories

When Chrysler acquired the Dodge Viper, protecting driver and passenger skin from sizzling hot leg pipes was a priority. NitroPlate helped to refine the American supercar by providing high-performance ceramic coating on all side-exit exhaust ports— not only helping to protect against burning pants legs, but also protecting the paint job.

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